Why Should Businesses Care About Google+?

Why Should Businesses Care About Google+?

Before the birth of social media, we called certain groups of friends a social clique. For instance, you have your 9 to 5 friends, your religious friends, political friends, entrepreneur friends, clients, family, and then you have those who you prefer to keep at arm’s length.

If you invited all of your friends and acquaintances to a dinner party, to announce details of your private life, certain individuals would take it out of context. That’s why you share certain things with one group of friends and keep it on a hush-hush with others.

When Facebook emerged, it seemed as if all friends and clients were grouped into one category. Everything posted on a wall was put out on display for a free-for-all critique session. For many, having a Facebook account is like a full-time job monitoring every single detail of one’s social life. Many Facebook users have learned that once private information gets out in the open to the wrong people, it can sabotage a good reputation.

Google+ is becoming a popular favorite among business owners because it gives you complete control over who is allowed to be a part of your social circle.

What Type of Impact Will Google+ Have on Businesses?

You have probably heard a few rumors floating around on various blogs and forums about Google+. It is difficult to tell what type of impact it will have on business because it is a social media platform in the making. There is one thing for sure, there are currently over 20 million Google+ users and many of them are taking full advantage of the Google+ button.

Add the Google+1 Button and Get +1 Recommended

Google +1 Button

Google +1 Button

The recent integration of Google+ and Google search is a powerful feature that will benefit business owners, Internet marketers and bloggers like never before. If you haven’t added the Google +1 button to your sales pages and articles, you’re doing your business a disservice. When you add this free feature to your site, it will encourage users to share your content with their network.

If you have great content, a user can instantly recommend a link directly from their search results. Their recommendation is shared with other Google+ users in the +1 profile section.

So, let’s say you’re a restaurateur and you just launched a new cookbook. You decide to add the Google +1 button to your sales page. People who enjoyed reading your book can +1 you and their recommendation can be shared with other users within their network. Imagine a user sharing your content with their network that has hundreds of users. Users can easily turn into paying customers or subscribers overnight. When it comes to Google+ for business owners, the sky is the limit.

There is one important thing to keep in mind, those who provide relevant content that’s interesting and engaging will reap the most benefits from using Google+. Although Google+ is still in the beginning stages, it offers a multiplicity of features that will compliment your brand today and the future.

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