What the new Facebook Page design means for your business: Introduction

Facebook Page Convert

On March 30 Facebook will convert all pages to the new Timeline design. This design change will not only affect the layout of your Facebook page, but also some of the functionality you’ve probably used to grow your online community.

In the upcoming week we’ll review these changes in detail and explain what they mean for your business’ Facebook page. We’ll detail the ins and outs of these changes and how to best utilize them to continue to grow your online community on Facebook.

We’ll start with a few important keywords you’ll hear repeated so you will understand what we’re reffering to.


The new Facebook page design is called Timeline. With this new design, Facebook wants to tell the story of your business, from the date of your opening to today. The timeline design expands on the importance of dates and milestones by giving you easy access to adding company milestones to your history.

Cover Photo

The new timeline design has room for a large photo up top that allows you to showcase your products or services and connect with your audience.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the image that people see on all of your posts, on your page and on other pages, so make sure it’s something people can automatically¬†associate¬†with your business, such as your logo.

Views and Apps

Photos, Events, Likes, and Custom Apps are now located at the top of your page instead of along the left hand side. These boxes now grab more attention and are more visible than in the old design.


The composer has been updated to allow you to add Milestones to your Timeline. The stylization is clean and simple to make it as easy as possible to share with your audience.

Pinned Post

You can now keep a post on the top of your wall for 7 days by pinning it. This is an easy way to showcase contests and upcoming event without having to repeatedly post the information.

Highlight Story

Call attention to stories that are important or engaging by expanding them to take up the full width of the page. This allows your image to be much larger and eye catching than is normally possible.


Milestones allow you to set important dates in your company’s history. Opening day, date of¬†expansion, date of company picnic, etc. Define the dates that define your company.

Next Up: How to use these key changes to engage your audience

Next we’ll dive into the specifics of these keywords and how to apply them to your updated Facebook page. We’ll show you step by step instructions on how to use each of these and give you insights on how to use them to engage your audience.

Have any questions about Timeline? Post a comment below and we’ll answer it in an upcoming post.

2 thoughts on “What the new Facebook Page design means for your business: Introduction

    1. Powerserve

      Sorry Rich, but on March 30 Facebook is converting all pages to the new Timeline design. Because this is a deadline they have set, there is no way to prevent it.

      The best option is to be prepared for the change and convert to the new design on your own terms. Understanding the changes and being prepared for it will allow you the most level of control in this situation.

      Stay tuned for our next blog post detailing the changes and how to leverage them to your benefit.


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