Weekly 13 Link Roundup

13 Link Roundup We share a lot of links on our Facebook and Twitter pages. So every week we comb through everything we share and post the 13 links that stand out to us. Why 13? Because it’s better than 12!

This week, Facebook and Google in the news, Cool Tools for small business, and the difference between quick fix and long-term SEO.

  1. Cool Tools for Small Businesses (that are Free or Cheap) http://bit.ly/mRTUJ6
  2. 5 Creative Ways To Expand Your Facebook Fanbase http://bit.ly/oLmiuG
  3. Be sure you’re working with the right people with your website project! Sean Penn’s charity sues Web Design Company. http://bit.ly/oiqWyL
  4. New Site launch! The Pizza Joint creates an exceptional experience and a positive impact on the community. http://bit.ly/oFosWj
  5. BREAKING: Google+ Profile Images Now Appearing Beside Search Listings http://bit.ly/nXR9Kp
  6. How to Become a Twitter Search Ninja http://bit.ly/mW7jKH
  7. Using White Space (or Negative Space) in Your Designs bit.ly/pq94Pt
  8. Smashing Magazine Orbit and Reveal: jQuery Plug-Ins For Image Sliders and Modal Windowshttp://bit.ly/ra0xxF
  9. Shading with CSS text-shadows http://bit.ly/mYkdvB
  10. Facebook Wins Another Legal Round Against the Winklevoss Twins http://on.mash.to/oLAd6z
  11. Amazon.com Facts: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Web’s Biggest Retailer http://on.mash.to/qSdLPG
  12. Swiffy: convert SWF files to HTML5 http://bit.ly/ix6r6j
  13. Is SEO a Long-Term or a Quick Fix Issue? http://bit.ly/mXAffy

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