Weekly 13 Link Roundup

13 Link Roundup

We share a lot of links on our Facebook and Twitter pages. So every week we comb through everything we share and post the 13 links that stand out to us. Why 13? Because it’s better than 12!

This week 3 big myths about B2B Marketing are shattered, WordPress gets some security updates, and we discover 7 ways to rescue business blogs from the blahs.

  1. 4 Creative Ways To Reward Your Facebook Fans http://t.co/lErJ6Gu
  2. The 3 Big Myths of B2B Content Marketing http://bit.ly/jtmbej
  3. How Quantum Retail uses education as a marketing toolsmartblogs.com
  4. WordPress 3.1.3 is available – http://bit.ly/jFGNTw
  5. 3 Easy Ways to Run Super Social Promotions for your Fan Page http://t.co/m0i5x2R
  6. 7 Ways to Rescue Your Business Blog From the Blahs http://t.co/d1c1PCx
  7. Content Is King: Building an Editorial Strategy to Drive Social Commerce – http://t.co/jPfsaMU
  8. 5 ways Powerserve uses content to drive sales using Social Media http://ow.ly/51Wpo
  9. How to Become the Awesomest Marketer EVER http://t.co/Tiseibd
  10. 4 Criteria to Screen for Modern Marketing Talent http://bit.ly/mu1Yo9
  11. 4 Facebook Marketing Tactics You Might Not Know About http://bit.ly/iWXYV1
  12. How Facebook Factors Into Lead Generation [Data] http://bit.ly/lumbaU
  13. The Complete Small Business Marketer’s SEO Toolkit http://bit.ly/jeddxw

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