Ways to Simplify Complex Content

Simplify Content

So you’re full of information and have a fantastic story for your audience?


But… your desire to enlighten those around you is useless unless you clearly explain the information you’d like to share. The problem is not your amount of knowledge; it’s how you distribute it. Here are a couple ways to simplify your content:

1. Ask simpler questions

Asking more obvious questions (even if it seems TOO simple to you) provokes simple answers. This helps understanding for both parties, and opens up the door for easier conversation.

2. Create straightforward analogies

Ask additional questions to make sure you understand the answers to the questions you ask. For example, compare and contrast an intricate subject to something well-known. Are they similar? Easily interchangeable? Clearly understood?

3. Eliminate jargon

We all want to sound intelligent, but sometimes that desire tends to present itself using words that are unnecessarily complicated. Cutting complicated language helps people understand your writing better. An easy guideline would be: define a term or eliminate it.

4. Pay attention to feedback 

Listening to feedback is always helpful in guiding your future work. After content has been posted, share the link with friends, colleagues, etc, and intentionally ask for their thoughts.

Paying attention to feedback is also a simple way to establish a routine with your writing.

So, here are our thoughts. How will you use these strategies the next time you need to break down a subject matter? What techniques do you use when content writing? 

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