Thoughts For A Successful Social Media Strategy


Social media. Not a newcomer to the scene by any means, but steadily an evolving, powerful tool. Each person’s goal/passion with social media can be different, because each person has their own unique personality and spin on life. This is what makes it such an interesting activity! So how can we stand out in all the noise of different personalities and purposes with social media? Here are our thoughts…

Know What Your Goal Is

Before you put the time and energy into building a social strategy, ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve via social media. Are you looking to increase sales? Build brand awareness? Solicit more direct conversations with customers? By starting with the end in mind, you’ll be able to build a stronger strategy that directly supports your most important goals.

Know Your Target Audience

Social media gives you access to, well, almost every type of person you could possibly want to reach. That means there’s a lot of potential for wasted effort, depending on your objectives. Know the target audience you are trying to engage and go where they are, rather than signing up on the popular, new platforms.

Be Careful of Spreading Yourself Too Thin

One of the most common mistakes I see businesses make with their social strategy is this: They try to be everywhere at once. While it’s good to systematically expand your reach through various channels, don’t get greedy and try to build Rome in a day. Define clear goals, focus on your #1 channel first and make impact. Then take on another channel using the momentum gained from the first one.

Be Purposeful

Finding new users and customers on social requires effort. You’ll need to actively post to Facebook 2-3 times a day and tweet far more. But your content must also be purposeful. Determine who your ideal audience is — think about the characteristics of your best users — and speak their language. Then make sure that at least some of your content includes direct asks, like “Download” or “Sign Up.”

Post Engaging Content

Make sure your content is interesting and doesn’t read as blatant advertisements one after another. It’s natural to want to push your products, but if that’s all you do your engagement will never be very high.

Keep It Simple, Be Genuine

Be genuine. Customers see right through the fluff. Trying too hard to be funny or cute won’t get you very far. The simplest social strategies often pay off the most. Keep it short, engaging, and truthful.

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