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What does your email address look like?

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Is your email address easy to remember? Is it linked to your business website? If it isn’t, why not?

Is your email address easy to remember? It it easy to say over the phone? Is it directly linked to your business’s website?

If it isn’t, why not?

People want to work with professionals. They want to work with people who have attention to detail, so make sure you don’t over look this one.

For Example: If you were working on a website design with John Smith at Powerserve, which of these email addresses would be easier for you to remember? go-dawgs4145@yahoo.com or jsmith@powerserve.net.

Which looks more professional?

If you like your Yahoo email and don’t want to check a second account, you can have your business email forward directly to your Yahoo account. Or to Comast. Or any other email address you want.

This will make sure your clients see a clean, professional, business email address, and they can trust who it’s going to.

If you help setting up your business email, contact Don Harris, our support lead, at support@powerserve.net or call him at (706) 826-1506 x121.

Google GMail IMAP Support

Gmail LogoGoogle is currently rolling out an update to Gmail to enable IMAP support on hosted accounts. IMAP is short for Internet Message Access Protocol and allows you to access your Gmail emails from other clients, like Outlook or Thunderbird.

The benefit of IMAP is that you’re able to check your mail directly on your mail server through a desktop mail client or mobile mail client, as opposed to downloading the messages to your computer.

To check and see whether IMAP’s been enabled on your account, go to http://www.google.com/a/ and enter your domain name. Then log into your email account. Once logged in, click Settings (up top right) and see if you have a tab named Forwarding and POP/IMAP. If you don’t have it yet, don’t worry… you’ll see the feature on your account in the coming days.

For more information on IMAP and Gmail, Google explains it in greater detail in this help entry.