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Masters Week In Augusta

Welcome to Masters Week in Augusta. The time of year that patrons from seemingly every place on the map congregate to the bustling metropolis of Augusta, Georgia. Did I say metropolis? Perhaps that was a bit of a stretch, but the bustling part certainly isn’t.

Azaleas in bloom, white vans at every turn, tents along Washington Road, and throngs of people with decidedly non-Southern accents all herald that Masters Week has officially arrived in Augusta.

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“On Par” With Downtown Augusta Trend

In case you happened to miss Saturday’s edition of The Augusta Chronicle, our clients Dee and Karen Bruker of Sanford, Bruker, and Banks Insurance are becoming trendsetters. Showing that living and working downtown is becoming en vogue again in an era of urban revitalization, the Brukers take a page out of the history books to show us how it’s done.

Just think about it… Working downtown? Awesome. Living downtown? Amazing. Not having to drive to work? Priceless. No, seriously, it’s priceless because you don’t have to pay nearly $4 a gallon on gas.

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