What Should I Know Before My First Social Media Campaign?

First Social Media Campaign

Every business has different expectations for their social media campaigns. Some businesses want to better communicate with their existing customers. Some businesses want to reach out to new customers and expand their marketing. No matter how you want to use social media for your business, having the proper expectations set from the beginning is most important.

Not Everything Can Be Tied Back To Money

Tweet This Quote

How much revenue does a Like or re-tweet generate?

How much is a comment worth?

How much revenue does a Like or re-tweet generate?

Not every aspect of a social media campaign can be tied back to a dollar amount. Nor should it. Social media is about engagement and communication, not hard sells and begging for business.

Not Every Action Will Lead To A Sale

Don’t look at every opportunity as a chance to hard sell someone. Instead focus on your customer’s needs and serve them the best you can.

Remember that some people are simply curious about your business. Some want to offer their services to your business. Some simply want to voice their thoughts on your products and services.

Keeping the focus on your customers instead on sales will show you value your customers and their comments.

Expect Negative and Rude Comments

Give Internet trolls a means to be rude, and they’ll take it. It’s simply a reality of the Internet.

If you’re going to market your business using social media, you need to be ready for negative and rude comments.

Additionally, you need to have a plan in place to deal with such comments. Do you ignore it? Do you delete it? Or do you respond? These are things your social media plan needs to address.

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