Social Media – Know Your Audience

Social Media - Know Your Audience

Ask 10 companies who they are speaking to with their social media campaigns and you’re sure to receive 10 different answers. Every company has not only a different client base, but also a different target social media audience.

How important is it to know who your target social media audience is?


Knowing Who You Want To Talk With Is Vital in Social Media

Some companies use social media to speak to their existing customers, and some use social media to reach a new audience. It’s not that one is correct and the other is wrong, it’s that the companies have different target audiences.

Understanding who you want to target is vital in social media. If your business is using social media to grow, then you need to focus your message and content toward that goal.

Write To Who You Want Following You

And that’s the crux of the matter. Know who you want to speak to on social media and define your goals.

If your business doesn’t want to use social media to share sales leads with similar companies in different markets, then don’t focus on such messages.

If your business only wants to use social media to converse with existing customers, then focus your message towards them.

Focus your message to your target audience to make sure you reach your social media goals.

Refine Your Social Media Campaigns

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