Scam Alert

Last year, in my post called “Spam, Scams, and Flim-Flams“, I reported on a company that uses a deceptive form of advertising, apparently because they are unable to get customers otherwise. Domain Registry of America (aka Domain Registry of Canada), has a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) injunction against them for their deceptive practices (filed in 2003… but they are STILL doing it). You can read the details here.

Now another company, called DNS Services, operating out of Vancouver, Washington, is using the same deceptive advertising to sell their DNS backup service. It’s probably NOT a coincidence that the fake “invoices” these companies send look almost exactly alike. 

Here’s how they work. You receive a piece of mail that looks completely legitimate. It is from a company called DNS Services, so you figure it must be something to do with your website. It appears to be an invoice for DNS backup services but is in reality a SOLICITATION for services. You don’t realize that, however, unless you read the mail piece carefully. Like I said, it is strategically designed to fool you into thinking it’s a legitimate invoice. If you hurriedly scan it OR if it’s simply passed on to a bookkeeper for payment, you will be paying for something you don’t need and will never use. My experience with DROA has shown that you will rarely get your money back. Here’s an image showing the pertinent info on the invoice:

As you can see, they comply with the letter of the law by informing you it is not a bill, albeit in a manner that is somewhat less than transparent. Please, if you get ANYTHING in the mail or email that is related to your website, email service, DNS, Domain Name Registration, or SSL Certificate, contact us and get our opinion on it. We may be able to save you from a large headache and help you keep a pocketful of cash.


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