Re-brand or Refresh?

Re-brand or Re-fresh
Almost all businesses consider the idea of re-branding at one time or another. Staying relevant and competing against new, hipper-looking competitors can be a constant battle. However, re-branding isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes a simple refresh that keeps the integrity of your brand is a better option.

Gap’s Failed Re-brand

Gap RedesignIn February of last year Gap re-designed their logo. Without any announcement or explanation they unleashed the new logo on the general public. The Internet exploded with negative feedback and Gap was forced to change their logo back to the original.

Discovery Kids Successful Re-Brand

Discovery Kids is a great example of a successful re-brand. Discovery Kids started out as a branch of the Discovery Channel but soon grew into an exciting brand all its own. They looked carefully at what their brand had become and created a new identity that encompasses it all. The new logo relates to the Discovery Channel logo and is now applied to all the new products they endorse.

Pepsi’s Failed Refresh

The Pepsi brand refresh slightly altered the iconic circle with the wavy line to allude to a smiling face. Surprisingly there was a lot of backlash from consumers. Pepsi has often changed its logo over the years and yet this simple update received a very negative response. Unlike Gap, Pepsi stuck to their guns and carried this simplified look throughout their other product lines.

Delta’s Successful Refresh

Delta Refresh
The Delta logo is a great example of how a company can refresh their logo without losing their well-established brand recognition. Simplifying the text and creating more contrast through color really worked for them. Careful attention to detail and well thought out subtle changes can bring old, outdated brands into the present.

Never underestimate the power of your brand recognition and the ties your consumers feel to your brand.

Take a look at your brand.
Could you use a redesign or a refresh?

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