PPC Campaigns Need Your Constant Attention To Stay Effective

PPC Campaigns Need Your Constant Attention To Stay Effective

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Today’s wildly successful PPC ad can quickly become tomorrow’s failure.

PPC, Pay Per Click, campaigns are not a set-it-and-forget-it form of advertising. Today’s wildly successful PPC ad can quickly become tomorrow’s failure.

Customers change; sometimes daily, and the magic bullet that spikes their interest and gets them to click on your PPC ad can easily change.

We see this in the car industry. One year customers may demand large SUVs, while the next they demand fuel-efficient cars. Customer trends can change on a whim. Constant reviewing of your PPC ads will prevent them from becoming stale and allow you to adapt to new customer interests.

How Do I Make Sure My PPC Ads Remain Effective?

This is where understanding Google Analytics and Google AdWords reporting is insanely important. Without knowing what does and doesn’t work with your PPC campaign, you may wasting money on segments that have zero return on your investment. It also prevents you from focusing resources on segments that positively impact your business, such as new revenue streams or customer retention.

Think of this in terms of television advertising. No company is still running their ads from 2007. It makes no sense. Customer tastes and expectations have changed enough to call for new advertising to stay relevant.

Now apply that same logic to online advertising, where the social landscape changes at a much quicker rate. Do you not think it demands the same re-evaluation to stay relevant?

This Sounds Like A Lot of Work

It is, trust us. Reporting and data analysis takes a lot of time and effort to do, but as a business owner, don’t you want the assurance that your money is used in the smartest possible way?

This is where having a web partner makes a lot of sense. Bringing in a company who specializes in PPC gives you the benefit of data analysis and reporting, without the cumbersome requirements of needing to learn the tools. It’s like we say around here:  “Let the nerds do the nerdy work.”

Need a web partner to check your PPC campaigns? Contact Powerserve to see how we can help your business.

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