Powerserve On… Work Tunes

Powerserve On... Work Tunes.

I (Chelsea) have been using a stand-up desk for the past few weeks, and I find myself jamming (ahem *dancing*) while I work. I decided to ask our office what music helps them work best; I didn’t alter their answers, below I’ve quoted them directly. Pretty amazing, how everyone is different.

David – “10 hour loop of the Inception theme song.”

Colin – “While I’m working I usually like instrumental jazz, classical, or instrumental soundtracks. Top choice picks: Keiko Matsui – Soul Quest, Rippingtons – Fountain of Youth, Yo-Yo Ma – Bach Cello Suites.”

Amy – “I like the Planet Money podcast. It’s great for when I’m working on a tedious project.”

Jeff A. – “I typically start my day with the local country music station, to get the local news and some good music. Afternoons are my pop-mix on Spotify. Car time is usually talk radio or Contemporary Christian. Pretty diverse, huh?”

Mark – “I don’t normally listen during business hours. But when I am here working the weekends, I crank up classic rock such as Rolling Stones, Elton John, Heart, The Eagles and Eric Clapton. And I’ve seen all of these live except for Eric.”

Chelsea – “My music choice depends on the day and the project. For design projects, I can like something with a beat, like Imagine Dragons. For the more tedious work, I like something instrumental/mellow: Goat Rodeo, The Wood Brothers, The Civil Wars.”

Ian – “I normally bounce around with music, depending on the day/my mood/the task at hand. For normal day activities and tasks, I tend to listen to some 90’s – 00’s rock (Blink 182, Sum 41, Green Day, etc). Whenever I get in the zone or I need to focus on a particular aspect of a task, I switch it up by listening to dubstep/chillstep (The Glitch Mob, Calvin Harris). On occasion, I’ll also turn on some Hip-Hop/Rap for a change of pace as well (T.I., Eminem, Atmosphere, Kendrick Lamar, etc).”

Jamie – “I am mostly a podcast listener, but there are times in the day when I use some music to change my headspace. I listen to a lot of new folk (First Aid Kit, The Whistles and The Bells, The Vespers) and Americana (Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, and Rhett Walker Band). I sometimes find myself going back to my 90’s roots so I can remember where I came from (REM, U2, The Beastie Boys).”

Josh – “Here are a few podcasts I like to listen to most everyday: The World and Everything In It – by WORLD News group, Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul, White Horse Inn by Dr. Michael Horton. As far as music is concerned: blues, bluegrass, folk, rock.”

Patrick – “Hardcore Punk from the late 70s, early 80s. 90s alternative, lo-fi and surf inspired genres, 80s new/no wave, classic rock and psychedelic rock, second hand soul.”

There you have it, folks. Powerserve’s thoughts on work tunes. All the diversity keeps us on our toes.

What’s your favorite work jam?

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