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Powerserve's Favorite Apps

At our small, fast-moving company, everyone does a couple of jobs — and productivity apps help us manage roles that shift between coding, writing/designing and running . I asked the Powerserve staff what apps they can’t live without. And beyond the classics—InstagramGoogle MapsSpotify —we found some great apps that might help you too.

Urbanspoon: “I never know what I want to eat so it helps to have all the options listed out for me with helpful reviews and ratings.” (David)

Evernote: “Use it EVERY DAY. Best for taking notes in client meetings. I can leave myself voice memos. I also use it daily for shopping lists to sermon notes, targeted lead lists and to-do lists.” (Jeff A.)

Shazam: “This app is pretty awesome, I use it a lot. Once it recognizes the song that’s playing it will take you right to the download link on iTunes.” (Brennen)

IMDb: “This one is essential for proving to people that I am better than they are at movie trivia and rubbing it in their faces.” (David)

Google Keep: “Great app for making checklists, writing notes, setting reminders. Also integrates well into the Android platform.” (Sean)

Calendars 5: “This is an upgrade calendar with a more intuitive interface and way better designed features. This is one of my most used apps.” (Kristen)

LinkedIn: “Just love the mobile version of this super-powered business networking website.” (Jeff A.)

Groovebook: “For $2.99 a month you can upload up to 100 images and they send you your pictures in a book with dates and perforation. Great for new parents! It’s a cool way to make sure you get pictures printed so they won’t live on your phone forever.” (Amy)

Simple: “If you like online banking and are fine with using a debit card, Simple is the best out there. Many tools to pay bills, keep track of money available to spend and set spending goals.” (Sean)

VSCO: “Being passionate about photography, this app is the best way to create fun, interesting, unique photos right from my phone. I unashamedly admit to using it more than once a day. If you like to take photos, you need this app.” (Chelsea)

CLZ Movies: “This is an app to organize your movie collection and allow you to search through it to view your titles. You can add movies using your phone as a barcode scanner or manually. Definitely one of my favorites.” (Kristen)

Yelp: “My favorite way to check restaurant reviews. You can search around your current location, and it’s great when you’re on the road.” (Amy)

 If you use these, or get them and love them like our team does, we would love to hear about it! What are your favorite apps?

2 thoughts on “Powerserve On… Favorite Apps

  1. Diane Wilson

    For those of you who use Urbanspoon and Yelp to help make dining decisions, check out What The Health. It’s a great app designed by 2 young Augustans that lets diners see the health inspection scores for any restaurant in GA BEFORE you drive up to the window or go inside. I’m all about eating tasty food, but only if it comes out of a clean kitchen 🙂


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