Is Your Website Trustworthy?

Helping People Trust Your Website

“Users decide quickly if they trust an interface based on its appearance.” Jason Teague

This is why we work hard, through research and creative thinking, to make your website the best it can be for your audience.

Design is more powerful than you may think. Its primary purpose is to gain the trust of its intended audience. Research shows that within the first second of viewing a design, we’ve already determined our opinion about the likely quality and trustworthiness of what we’re looking at. Here at Powerserve, many of our decisions about your website’s design are based on what we feel will appeal to your audience’s sense of trust.

Based on our experience, here are a couple of tips we’ve learned for building trust through design:

1. Be clear

Unclear design too often leads to user confusion and distrust. We prioritize clarity in all of our website designs because we believe that the user needs to feel confidence in what they are doing on your site. We don’t want to give our/your users a headache when they visit your website, or they’ll never want to come back.

2. Never leave them wanting more

The reason people visit your website is for information, so why would you want to leave them hanging? You never want to leave your users without options; as soon as the website leads them to a dead end, you’ve lost them. Providing any and all information necessary for the user is the best way to go. Your website can become a wonderful resources for your audience if this is a goal.

3. Know your voice

A strong voice can impact the world. Your audience will trust an unwavering and confident voice, but you want that voice to be your own. Many times we have clients ask to look like other products or websites that they know and respect. While this is a great springboard for conversation, we as designers desire to help them express themselves in their own unique way. If a potential client has a pleasant experience with you, and you are confident in yourself, they’ll most likely be back. Be unique with your design and website presence, and have fun with it.

4. Be consistent

Users often notice when elements of your online “presence” are inconsistent. To them, this possibly says that your business is unreliable, not organized, going through some transition time, etc, which can be a detriment to their trust. Doing your best to be as consistent as possible with your interaction on the web — sharing valuable information, writing blog posts, sharing news, etc — will help create a confident place for your users.

5. Keep promises

This is a big one. The most obvious way to lose trust is by breaking a promise. Oftentimes if you promise something and do not follow through, your audience becomes suspicious of everything you do. Making sure the links on your website take users exactly where they need to go is a good example of this. Users will get frustrated and confused if elements of your website contradict each other.

All of these tips can easily go hand in hand, and here at Powerserve we want to make your website a clear, comfortable, helpful place for your users. If you think your website may need a tune-up or redesign, or if you just have questions, give us a call.

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