Google Analytics: Answering Why and How People Are Visiting Your Site Since 2005

Google Analytics | PowerserveWhen you boil it down, the point of having a website is for people to visit it. But beyond simply knowing how many people visit your site, are you tracking their viewing habits to know what information they’re looking for? Do you know what they searched Google for to find your site? Do you know what specific pages they looked at or how long they stayed on your site?

If you had Google Analytics installed on your website, you would. Google Analytics allows you to see how and why people are using your site. Why is this data important? Because is allows you to tailor your content and message to your visitors. The quicker your visitors can find the information they’re looking for, the more useful your site is to them. This data can give you an edge over your competitors by allowing you to better serve your customers.

The data Google Analytics supplies also gives you the foundation for Search Engine Optimization. By understanding your web traffic, you can optimize your content and ultimately drive more traffic to your site, and with proper calls to action on your site, that can lead to more phone calls and leads. That’s why it’s so important to understand your audience.

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