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Get The Most Out Of Social Media | Powerserve

Social media has become like another person sitting at the dinner table. It’s everywhere, and if you aren’t on a platform, people look at you funny. Would you disagree? It’s fascinating. Maybe you’ve underestimated social media, maybe you’re active daily. I’ve been thinking about the great possibilities social media can bring, so I encourage you to get the most out of it that you can.

Some of these might be obvious, and that’s fine, let them refresh your social media perspective. If these are new challenges, maybe give them a second look.

Content Matters. Greatly. Be sure your content is relevant to you, but also engaging and interactive. Social media is a great vehicle for sharing content you’ve already written. It helps gain exposure, which is often the desired goal. It also has the power to keep content alive even after it isn’t the newest on the block. Write quality, share quality.

One Platform At A Time. Prioritize. Focus on one platform at a time, and start with the one most prevalent for your business. For example, a wedding photographer wouldn’t put all of her energy into a LinkedIn profile (yet), she would probably start on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Engage and Interact. A prominent element of social media is that it’s a communication platform. It connects strangers, it establishes relationships, it builds trust. Use it to your advantage with your target audience.

Create Value. An extension of the above point, try not to only push your product or services. The goal is to create a community, to help your current/future customers learn about you. Depending on your industry, your customer base might want to get to know the person behind the business, before they hand you their resources and time. It’s worth it.

Have Fun With It. Enjoy it! Have fun chatting with customers, and with other people in your field. One of my favorite aspects of Twitter is getting to converse with big name designers in my industry. How else could I do that?

Thoughts? Are you a social media user? Do you strategize or simply socialize? How do you make it work for you?

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