Don’t Wait For Santa to Go Mobile!

If you’re waiting for Santa to bring your business a mobile web presence you’re going to miss out on a significant number of holiday sales that will be transacted on mobile devices.  Black Friday sales were up 26% this year over last and mobile shoppers represented 17% of those sales. Is there any reason to think that trend won’t continue through the holiday season and into the new year? We don’t think so, either.

Take a look at a few more interesting statistics while you snack on your milk and cookies:

  • 10.8 – The percentage of people who used a mobile device to access a retailer’s site on Cyber Monday (up from 3.9% last year).
  • 43 – The percentage of mobile users who have downloaded a retail app to make their shopping easier.
  • 52 – The percentage of mobile users who will use their smartphone to research products, redeem coupons, and make purchases.
  • 65 – The percentage of mobile users who said they used their mobile device to FIND A STORE so they could make an in-store purchase.
  • 80 – The percentage of mobile users who immediately QUIT SHOPPING because of a poorly working mobile site.
  • 100 – The percentage of mobiles sales you’re going to miss if you don’t have a web presence at all.

A few things on the list you’ll want to check twice to be sure you’re serving up a mobile presence are:

  1. Auto-detect code – When your site is accessed by a user on a mobile device, it should be able to detect the device and render the mobile version. If you cannot create a mobile version of your entire website, at least have a mobile-optimized landing page with a display ad. Mobile display ads are proving extremely effective in driving customers to the door.
  2. Mobile-optimize your site – Eighty people out of a hundred will leave your site and go shopping somewhere else if you don’t give them a good experience. Have you taken a look at your own website on your mobile phone lately?  How easy is it to navigate, find driving directions to your location, or actually make a purchase? If you sense any frustration with your own website, imagine how your customers feel.
  3. Local Call to Action – There has been a big push lately to “shop locally”. A promotion or discount that is specific to the mobile customer will increase the chances that they will respond favorably. Research shows that mobile alerts drive 1 out of 3 recipients in-store and 27% of those make a purchase.

Mobile users have proven to be customers who act quickly when they see something they want and actually take offline action within a day of their mobile search. Be sure you are in front of their eyes and you’ll reap the rewards of their shopping.

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