Design Trends: Should You Lead or Follow?

Design Trends: Should You Lead or Follow?

Design trends are constantly changing. And I personally think that great designers by no means ignore the trends.. but maybe they aren’t always swept up by them. They study and understand them in order to better their own work, but do not ignore their own specific style for the sake of a trend. On the other hand, some designers focus more on new trends than others.

Here at Powerserve, whether or not we follow design trends often depends more on our clients and what they are interested in rather than our own personal preference, especially in the art of web design. Some clients are looking for projects that are super trendy, others might want something more traditional, and still others might want something completely innovative and out of the box. So then there’s a question about whether the best practice is to follow trends or take the lead yourself? Here are a few things to consider:

Good design has adapted to the current state of technology and will continue to over time. If all designers had followed existing trends, we wouldn’t have experienced the same advances in design that we have. It’s thanks to the designers who thought outside the box and created new technologies and practices that design has made the progress it has. But, taking the lead isn’t the right choice for everyone. Following good design practice is just as important in producing great design for any audience.

Trends DO exist for a reason, so it’s important to understand them and why they exist. Google is a great example of a brand that continually adapts to the trends that come up, but it is also always forward-thinking and constantly challenging the norm.

Design will continue to evolve, and trends will come and go, but we think good design is honest and long-lasting. Also, designers should always keep in mind that they are designing for their clients and not for themselves. A valuable skill to get into is to constantly hone your ability to produce great work based on what a specific client is looking for.

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