Creating a Purposeful Website

Creating a Purposeful WebsiteDesign, ease of navigation, and content are key in creating a successful website. With everything that is available on the web, users are looking for websites they find useful and skipping over the useless. Always be thinking of your site from the customer’s point of view.

The Design

This is the first thing your potential client will notice about your site. It needs to be attractive, simple, and meaningful. Think of Google’s simplicity. Although they are adding more apps and features everyday, the homepage for Google has remained relatively unchanged. They have refined their image and understand the main need of their client — just to search. They keep it fresh and interesting by changing up the logo. Who doesn’t love going to and seeing their latest creative twist?

The Navigation

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find what you are looking for on a website. You don’t have your visitor’s attention for long, so make sure you simplify your pages and only include information that is relevant. Think of what your potential customer would need and what you want them to do. If your main goal is for them to contact you, then make sure your contact information is readily available on every page.

The Content

Your site visitors will stick around if the design is aesthetically pleasing, but they’ll contact you if it is useful. Don’t just write content that states facts — give your writing personality. If it is enjoyable to read, people might actually read it, which means they are more likely to contact you or recommend it to a friend. Don’t forget to work in those keywords for SEO. Always be thinking about how a customer would be searching for you. What words would they type in to a search engine? Make a list and be sure to work those words in as often as possible.

Take a look at your site and see if your design, content, and navigation are in tune with the needs of your potential customers.

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What’s your website’s goal?

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