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What Happened To My Email?

Another Episode in the Continuing Saga of Email Woes and Worries

If you have not had email problems in the past few months, consider yourself one of the lucky ones (plays Fortunate Son by CCR). In their ongoing attempts at stemming the onslaught of spammy and spoofed email, the large service providers (AKA #BigEmail) have instituted a variety of measures to check where email is coming from and verify its validity. These measures include coordinated sets of text records with the sexy and thrilling names of SPF, DMARC, and DKIM. Space is too limited here to go into an in-depth explanation of what they are and how they work (besides the fact that I probably don’t understand it as well as I’d like to think), so Google it if you’re interested.

Once the email has been checked against these records for validity, #BigEmail does one of several things with it:

  1. Pass it – If everything looks good the email is sent happily on its way to its intended recipient.
  2. Quarantine it – If something smells funny in the email, they still send it, but it goes into the recipient’s SPAM or Junk Mail folder where it will sit forlornly hoping someone will retrieve it. My experience has been that most people don’t check their spam folders very often. If that sounds like you, you might want to start checking it more regularly.
  3. Reject it – If the email fails its validity check, it won’t be sent. Instead, it will be returned to the sender with a bunch of codes that hopefully indicate why it could not be sent. That’s assuming the return address is valid. If it’s not a valid return address, it goes to Email Purgatory where it awaits its ultimate destiny along with millions of other emails. My experience has been that no amount of praying or sacrificing will retrieve these lost emails, so don’t even try.

So, what does all that have to do with YOUR email? What it means is that you more than likely have had an increasing volume of email winding up in your spam folder, IF it’s getting to you at all. You may have also noticed an increase in “bounce reports” that tell you your email was not sent, along with those aforementioned codes that indicate why. I have had more customers call in the last few months with email problems than all other issues combined.

AT&T, AOL, Comcast, GoDaddy, and Yahoo have been the most troublesome in my admittedly limited experience, but it’s safe to assume that ALL email, no matter the service provider, is now being affected. I have had a personal email account on my domain with Godaddy for over 20 years and a few months ago was suddenly unable to send email through my email reader. It still worked if I signed into the Web Interface, but not through my preferred email app.

If these things sound familiar, interesting, or simply befuddling, give me a call and I’ll try to help you work out your email issues. No promises — and it may require changing your email provider — but I’m here to help. 706-826-1506 ext.121. Ask for Don, the Customer Service Jedi.

By the way, did you know Powerserve is now an Authorized Google G Suite Reseller? Well, we are. If you are in need of upgrading your email, come talk to me.

Google Shines a Beacon on Local Business

Google has started a pilot program that involves sending electronic beacons to businesses with physical (aka, “brick and mortar”) locations to make their venues more visible to customers with mobile devices. 

What’s a Beacon you ask?

Beacons are small electronic transmitters that send one-way signals that are read by customers’ phones. This location information can be used to access a broad range of services on mobile devices.


Because beacons help mobile devices determine a user’s location more accurately, they can be used to find your location more quickly. A user’s smartphone that has a more accurate placement of their location unlocks a whole set of new features and sets up your business to use location-related features in Google, such as:

  • Helps your business show up on personal maps or saved places, where users have opted in to Location History.
  • Gathers photos, reviews, and other user-generated content for your business from people who have visited.
  • Provides features like Popular times and typical visit duration to help customers plan their visit to your business.
  • Helps provide Location Insights about how customers engage with your store.
  • More features are being planned and will be accessible as they become available.

How it works

Your beacon transmits your venue’s unique one-way code. When someone visits you with location services turned on, their phone uses the beacon signal and knows that it’s visiting you. The beacon itself does not collect or store any information. It only provides a helpful signal to your customers’ phones.

People who visit your venue can then contribute reviews, star ratings, and photos as well as answer questions about your venue. Once enough of your visitors’ phones have detected visits to your store, Google can activate features such as Popular times to show up on your venue’s Place Page.

The data shown in these products is based on anonymous, aggregated visit statistics. You can’t use it to tie a specific visit back to a specific individual. Google uses industry best practices to ensure the privacy of individual users.

Sound like an interesting way to engage your customers?

Give Mike Parsons a call at 706-826-1506 ext.122 and let us help you make it happen. 

Creativity and Golf

Creativity And Golf

“Shotmaking and creativity must be taken to a higher zone at Augusta National, and no matter which way a player curves the ball, he needs to spin it in his head first.” Tom Spousta, via

Creativity and golf might seem like an unlikely pair, but it turns out they are more highly linked than people think.

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The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In

Raising a healthy, well-adjusted website is not easy even for the best of parents. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the problems our beloved websites are having, but then we overhear our friends talking about them with concerned faces, furrowed brows, muffled voices, and yes, even stifled laughter. So, in an effort to help you understand your website better and hopefully overcome some of its proble… I mean issues… no, I mean CHALLENGES… here are a few behaviors you may want to look for.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Are you going to be able to keep yours this year?

We all know New Year’s resolutions are easy to make, but sometimes they are even easier to break. How can you make this year better than last year? If you’re like me, you probably are excited to see what 2014 has to bring.  I’m ready for a slower paced year. In the last eighteen months, I got engaged, married, had a baby, AND bought a house. So, I’m ready to tackle anything 2014 throws my way! Continue reading

The Best Mobile Website Solution for you!

Mobile Website Design

Everyday we are engaging in conversations with clients regarding their website’s usability on mobile devices. This should come as no surprise, as recent data shows that mobile website traffic has increased 192.5% since 2010 and mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. Continue reading

WordPress Themes

Recent WordPress Theme Releases

A couple of our designers have recently released some themes for WordPress, an open-source blogging platform.

  • Effercio Blue – A two-column theme for WordPress. Support WordPress tags, dynamic sidebar and widgets, and includes custom link and archive page styles. Future plans for this theme include adding additional color variations. (Demo)
  • fu Punk – A punk rock, bad attitude WordPress theme. The primary colors are red and gray with some white mixed in for good measure. The template uses a right sidebar to display your feed, categories, pages, and links. The layout incorporates numerous odd curves and shapes that give the template a weird yet organized feel. fu Punk screams defiance and has attitude to spare.
  • Grape Mint – A clean two column theme with a right sidebar. The primary colors used are Purple and Green.The sidebar displays the search bar, index of pages and has a separate area for post categories.
  • Gray Day – A two column theme with a right sidebar. The primary colors utilized are Gray and Blue. The top area is prepared for you to show off a few social sites and is prepared for you to use the WP Audioscrobbler plugin for stats.
  • Push Pin – A clean and classy WordPress Theme. It has a right sidebar with a top header bar. The green header bar contains your site’s name, your page links, plus an email link. The splash image area contains your website slogan. The primary colors are green and blue with green representing the links and blue representing the headers.

Work is underway on several additional themes as well. As they become available, we’ll announce them here on the site.