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Location is key in mobile searches

It’s an age old adage in real estate that the three most important factors for success are “location, location, location”. Well, it seems that may be the most important factor for mobile searches also. A new study released by AT&T Interactive and Nielsen conducted in March 2011 indicates that location is a key part of the mobile experience, that an incredible 43% of local mobile searchers actually walk through the door of the establishment, and upwards of 22% made a purchase. That is a significant number to consider.

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Don’t Wait For Santa to Go Mobile!

If you’re waiting for Santa to bring your business a mobile web presence you’re going to miss out on a significant number of holiday sales that will be transacted on mobile devices.  Black Friday sales were up 26% this year over last and mobile shoppers represented 17% of those sales. Is there any reason to think that trend won’t continue through the holiday season and into the new year? We don’t think so, either.

Take a look at a few more interesting statistics while you snack on your milk and cookies:

  • 10.8 – The percentage of people who used a mobile device to access a retailer’s site on Cyber Monday (up from 3.9% last year).
  • 43 – The percentage of mobile users who have downloaded a retail app to make their shopping easier.
  • 52 – The percentage of mobile users who will use their smartphone to research products, redeem coupons, and make purchases.
  • 65 – The percentage of mobile users who said they used their mobile device to FIND A STORE so they could make an in-store purchase.
  • 80 – The percentage of mobile users who immediately QUIT SHOPPING because of a poorly working mobile site.
  • 100 – The percentage of mobiles sales you’re going to miss if you don’t have a web presence at all.

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Goin’ Mobile!

Mobile Devices

“I can stop in any street inviting people that we meet, Goin’ Mobile!”

Written by Pete Townshend of the rock band The Who and released on their 1971 album “Who’s Next?”, the iconic rocker “Goin’ Mobile” told a story of riding around in a car with no particular destination in mind. This was apparently something Townshend enjoyed doing. He of course had no idea how differently the phrase would turn in the 21st Century. Google’s recent purchase of Motorola Mobility has made one thing perfectly clear: the future of the digital world is all about “Goin’ Mobile“. Sales of desktop and laptop computers are lagging while ultra-mobile iPads and Smart Phones are mushrooming, signaling the clear preference that people in today’s highly mobile world want the freedom to take their computing power with them where ever they go.

As a result, one in four people now own Smartphones and online social networks are visited by over three-quarters of the population. Think your customers might be there, too? You better believe they are.

So how can you participate in the Mobile Revolution?

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Powerserve Creates Raveis Mobile Website For On-The-Go House Hunting

Raveis Mobile Website

Raveis Mobile Website

Business software development firm Powerserve International has designed an award winning mobile website for William Raveis Real Estate, the largest family owned real estate company in the Northeast. This particular site allows customers to browse an extensive inventory of available properties through the use of smart phones or other mobile devices. By incorporating GPS technology, mapping, and clean design elements in conjunction with mobile accessibility, Powerserve has created a unique website that separates William Raveis Real Estate from its competitors.

On January 29, the Augusta Chapter of the American Advertising Federation held its annual ADDY Awards gala where Powerserve won “Best in Show” as well as a Gold ADDY for its work on the interactive William Raveis Real Estate mobile website. The ADDY awards highlight the best in advertising and marketing as well as design campaigns. In reference to the Best In Show award, the judges explained, “If you are shopping for a new home on your mobile device, this is the site you want to use.”

By creating this award winning website, Powerserve has enabled for William Raveis Real Estate to target a growing market and reach potential clients by successfully utilizing mobile technology to highlight their inventory. Powerserve also excels in creating custom software, search engine optimization, social media integration, graphic design, website development and redesign, as well as general site hosting, all tailored to the client’s particular needs. Whatever industry, from real estate or manufacturing to small businesses, Powerserve is committed to partnering with its clients to generate quality, effective, cutting-edge products that enhance profitability.

Gmail Tip: Using Mobile Devices

Did you know? You can access your Gmail account from any mobile device. Just type in into your mobile device’s internet browser, sign in with your account information and you’ll be taken to a slimmed-down version of Gmail that’s perfect for checking email on the go. (If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll have a slightly different interface.) If you’re using a Blackberry device,  go to and download a free application for checking Gmail on it.