Avoid Overwhelming Your Users

Avoid Overwhelming Your Users | Powerserve

If you want people to enjoy visiting your site, and want to happily do it more often, you must be careful about overwhelming them.

I know I only stay on a website if it’s well organized, nice looking, and not too crazy. If there is too much going on — too many calls to action, too much unnecessary content, very often the users will not be able to retain the information and will get frustrated and leave the site or app. Below are some tips and examples about not overwhelming our potential website users:

1. Simplify

Read through all of your content and remove anything that isn’t absolutely required for your user to realize their goal. This means auditing, if you will, the content itself, the amount of content as well as the layout, design, graphics and typography. Distractors and extraneous elements will most likely lead to stress, instead of satisfaction.

If the content doesn’t support the instructional goal, then remove it. Here at Powerserve, our main focus is the ease and convenience of your website’s functionality, and helping your users find exactly what they need as well as possible. This will drive more people to your website because it is pleasant and not stressful to use.

2. Information in smaller bites

If the content is too complex and the layout too dense and clustered, then the user might not be able to, or even want to, process the information effectively. Breaking complex content into smaller chunks and enabling the user to control their consumption of this content will help them process the information more effectively.

3. Be creative 

Present information in different ways. Because the web is visual, try to present content graphically, through images or graphs.  Exploring different solutions, whether it be a layout style or color choice, to better help your users is what we’re passionate about.

4. Follow basic design principles

Our designers here at Powerserve — any designers for that matter — understand the following principles, but I want to mention them anyway because they are extremely relevant to the presentation of content and the user’s experience:

  • Choose readable fonts.
  • Use directive headings
  • Make the layout clear.
  • Use generous white space.

Each of these things will help your website be as successful as it can be, and will make it far more enjoyable for your users when they visit.

If you ever want to chat about your website or would like our input, we’d love to help!

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