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13 Google Search Functions That Will Change Your Life!


13 Google Search Functions That Will Change Your LifeInformation is the fuel of business in this post-modern world and business owners are learning to depend more and more on Google’s extensive search tools to help them find the information they need. However, if you don’t know a function or service is available, you can hardly make good use of it. As this post (and this link) will show you, Google’s search functionality goes way beyond the basic search bar.

Google breaks its Search Features Help page down into categories:

  • Everyday Essentials
  • Reference Tools
  • Choosing Keywords
  • Local Search
  • Health Search
  • Trip Planning
  • Query Refinements
  • Search by Number

Some of these are naturally more useful to business people than others (I suppose some would argue that finding Sports Scores is business-related…), so here is a list of 13 Google Search Functions That Will Change Your Life! (or at least be useful).

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Welcome to Domain Purgatory


Welcome to Domain Purgatory

A customer recently called Powerserve Support because their website was down. A quick check revealed that the domain name had recently expired. How did that happen? Quite simply, the domain did not get renewed, so when the expiration date rolled around the site went down. The domain was probably registered years ago and now nobody has any record of the account login. To make matters worse, the person who registered it no longer works for the company and the email address the domain information is supposed to go to no longer works.

Guess what? When that happens, you’re in Domain Purgatory. Your site might be down for days or even weeks. Worse yet, depending on how it’s set up, your email may be down with it. Yes, Virginia, your business email can go down if your domain name expires.

So what can you do?

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MAU Launches Redesign

MAU, a staffing agency located in Augusta, GA, wanted an extensive update to their website. Being a valued client for many years, Powerserve was thrilled to help MAU accomplish this task. They wanted both an aesthetic redesign based on their current print materials, as well as an overhaul of navigation and overall user functionality.

MAU - Before and After

View the Before and After shots

The first major change was the site’s navigation. MAU requested that the homepage act as a portal, directing users to the correct section of the website based on their needs. Thus, someone looking for a job will click on the “Applicants” button and be presented with information directly pertaining to their job search, someone looking to hire will click on “Employers” and be presented with relevant information, and so on. These streamlined navigation options allow MAU to present visitors with information in the quickest way possible, while enabling the visitor to quickly navigate to relevant information.

The second key item was the site’s content. MAU updated the site with many new features, including information about MAU, the history of MAU, and rotating client testimonials in the client section. Other additions include videos on both the history and reference sections of the site, as well as case studies that further illustrate the advantages of MAU’s services.

Powerserve looks forward to working with MAU on further projects, including a new quiz system and improvements to job search functionality.

MAU has partnered with Powerserve for several years now, and this is the second website design they’ve developed for us. We’ve continued to use Powerserve as a trusted partner because we know they care about and understand our business. As a result, they function as an extension of our company instead of just some guys who “design at your direction.” Powerserve brings all kinds of ideas to the table, and they even take our ideas and make them better! Rather than tell us what we should want, they find a balance between delivering on our requirements and guiding us toward the best result for success based on their experience. It’s a true collaborative partnership! Now our new website supports and reflects MAU’s business goals with its smart and fresh design, specifically engineered to serve each of our distinctive target audiences.Brett Yardley, Marketing & Communications, MAU

Visit the MAU website:

Robert Flanagin Launches the New

Robert Flanagin, a real estate agent located in North Augusta, SC, requested an updated design that reflected his personality, as well as the ability to manage MLS and non-MLS real estate listings. Josh Wilkerson, the project’s design lead, was able to build a feature-rich, easy-to-use site, while incorporating design elements that were provided by Robert Flanagin himself. The result is a website with real estate statistics, property search, area info, and a unique design that truly represents Robert Flanagin.

The New

Visit Robert Flanagin’s site:

Matheny Imports Launch New and Improved Site

Matheny Imports, a Jaguar/Land Rover dealership located in Jacksonville, FL, requested an updated design to better reflect their product as well as bring them above and beyond their competitors’ sites. They expressed that their old site was functional, but lacked a distinctive design and an intuitive user interface. They also requested the ability to easily update the site’s content, which made them a perfect fit for Powerserve’s WSA content management solution.

View the Before and After shots

View the Before and After shots

The Matheny project presented a number of technical hurdles that had to be overcome. First, a third-party service that provided automobile images, different color options, and 360 degree interior views needed to be implemented. On the homepage, we were presented with the challenge of displaying multiple vehicles as well as pertinent information. To accomplish this, we utilized sliding content areas to display the content in a clean and organized fashion. The homepage also features a Monthly Specials section for the most recent deals and events that are going on at the dealership. Thanks to the WSA, Matheny is able to update this content quickly and easily from their web browser.

The vehicle quick-search was another technical achievement on this project. This search functionality needed to be able to gather data entered by the user and pass it through to a third-party service seamlessly. This allows users to quickly narrow down their vehicle search, presenting them with only relevant vehicle options.

The luxury car business has to really be innovative to be successful. Our customers’ expectations are for nothing short of excellence. So when we decided to redesign our website we not only wanted it to reflect the prestige of our product lines, but we also wanted it to be functional as well. Powerserve knew exactly what we needed and jumped in the driver’s seat, if you’ll pardon the pun. They developed a sleek new design for our website and then set us up on their content management solution, which allowed us to update all of our content whenever we want. They even made some special modifications that allowed our site to import product images directly from an industry content provider. Bottom line? This new website will help us sell more cars.Richard Mustafa, Matheny Imports

Visit the Matheny Imports website:

Augusta Capital Completes Sutherland Mill Renovation

Sutherland Mill

Sutherland Mill

Augusta Capital has just completed the rehabilitation of another Augusta Canal mill – first known as Dartmouth, and later, Sutherland Mill. This 56,000 square foot mill is just steps from the completed Enterprise Mill project.

Sutherland is uniquely situated across the Canal from several medical facilities, including the Medical College of Georgia, University Hospital, and the VA Hospital, and its adjacent neighbor is Walton Rehabilitation Hospital. In addition, the long-anticipated construction of the St. Sebastian Way Extension is well underway. The intricate road project will provide a new connection over the Canal, linking Greene Street and these two mills to the medical facilities on Walton Way.

Read the Augusta Chronicle’s article: Getting into shape

Visit the Augusta Capital website:

WSA 4.0 – A Better Content Management Solution

WSA-4-logo-white-bgAt Powerserve, we realize that in order to continue providing great products and service, we must be continuously developing and improving. Powerserve’s content management solution, Web Site Accelerator, is currently the focus, receiving some cosmetic changes as well as some key functionality updates. It is our goal to improve and streamline the WSA, making it easier for our clients to maintain their websites.

Be on the lookout for more Web Site Accelerator 4.0 details as we come closer to launch day. Click here to find out how to get this upgrade for FREE!

Cudos! Named Small Business of the Year

Cudos!, an awards and gifts store, recently received recognition from the Augusta Metro Chamber Commerce as the Small Business of the Year. Powerserve congratulates Audrey Snuggs, Sloane Wiggins, and all of the Cudos! staff on this achievement.

Chamber honors Cudos! as small business of the year

Visit the Cudos! website:

Last year’s recipient was R.W. Allen LLC, another great client of ours.

The ADDY Awards

PowerServe has been active in the American Advertising Federation of Augusta for several years. The annual ADDY Awards is an event that is always fun, entertaining, and enlightening. The Augusta ADDY Awards is the first of a three-tiered national competition. Across the globe, local entrants vie for recognition as the very best in their markets. Local winners then compete against other winners within their regions in one of fourteen district competitions. District winners move on to the National ADDY Awards competition. Entry in the Augusta ADDY Awards competition is the first step towards winning a District or National ADDY.

PowerServe was pleased to have received three ADDY awards for client design work.

Photos from the ADDY Awards show

Loft Tour – Come Check Us Out!

loftpostcard09Historic Augusta, Inc. will host its annual Downtown Loft Tour on May 1 and 2, 2009.  A selection of trendy living and working spaces will be open to the public during First Friday between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. and again on Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.

Cost: $15 in Advance, $20 During the Tour

Advance tickets available at Historic Augusta, 415 7th St., Mellow Mushroom, 1167 Broad St., Metro Spirit, 700 Broad St., blue magnolia, 1124 Broad St. or Hill Drug, 1432 Monte Sano Ave.

For more information contact Historic Augusta, 706-724-0436 or e-mail

PowerServe-ing Our Community

artisancover-09springPowerServe continues to be actively involved in the North Augusta Cultural Arts Council. We recently completed the design and printing of the Spring 2009 Artisan Newsletter. It is chock-full of information about exciting events, including the NA Idol competition, Yellow Jessamine Festival, and the always popular Summer Concert Series. We are pleased and proud to be a part of this dynamic and active organization. Be sure to support the arts in your community!

To learn more about the Arts Council, go to