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Local businesses have long doubted the possibility, if not the potential, of ranking favorably for geo-modified keyword phrases in the organic search results on Google. While websites that are well optimized for conversions can turn these high-cost clicks into profit, it is often difficult for small businesses to stomach the costs of redesign and analytics that it takes to mold such sites. All things considered, it can be a trying, expensive endeavor for a small business to gain traction in the paid or traditional organic search results.

Hello Google Places, Google’s online local directory – an avenue through which all local business owners can (and should) pursue organic traffic for their websites.  The more information your business provides on its Google Places page, the more likely your business will rank high in local searches. 

Tips for improving your Google Places page include these:

1. Add keywords to your business description. 

2. Have multiple locations? Create a Google Places page for each one.

3. Encourage satisfied customers to add reviews to your Google Places page. 

4. Get your business listed in appropriate online business directories.

5. Monitor your Places page analytics.

Ever type in the name of business or organization and a map comes up in the right sidebar? That’s the result of an active Google Places account. You can utilize ratings and reviews, provide your contact information easily, and be appealing to any mobile user. Check out our client The Pizza Joint for a great example!

All About Google Places

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