8 Things Your Homepage Needs To Be Effective

8 Things Your Homepage Needs To Be Effective | Powerserve

Your website is a valuable tool for landing new clients or work, but it’s also a helpful tool in marketing your services. It’s a way for the public to learn about your business, and to help newcomers on the scene to trust you know what you’re doing. This being said, what’s the first thing seen when someone clicks your URL? The homepage, correct. Therefore, this page needs to capture the user’s attention quickly.

Recognizing this, I’ve been thinking about the elements needed to achieve this goal — read on, friend:

1. Great headlines

Clear, bold, relevant headlines are key to a good homepage. Good headlines give visitors what they want to know about you at a glance.

2. Social Media Links

Social media marketing is a common form of marketing that companies have embraced. Given that about one in every four people is on at least one social media platform, encourage your visitors to engage with you on social media by placing links strategically on the homepage.

3. Easy, Clear Navigation

Make it possible for the visitors to navigate your homepage easily, regardless of whether they are regular visitors or first timers. If a user can’t find their way around your website, they’ll leave quickly. Text-based main navigation menus are a smart way to keep it visible and helpful.

4. Your Contact Information

The whole point of coming up with a website for your business is to help you generate leads. Provide your information prominently on your homepage — email address, business address and telephone number help them know that you value them, and want them to contact you.

5. Quality Images

Images build credibility as well as create buzz (interest) in your visitors. Images of people build trust, and large images of your products/services give a visitor confidence about spending money with you.

6. Strong Call to Action

The beauty of the homepage is that you can have multiple calls-to-action, and a user not feel overwhelmed. It’s the first page they see of your site, and creating different CTAs can help anyone feel included and appreciated.

7. Link It To Your Blog

A blog is meant to be the content king. Because of this, it’s super important to have a way of directing your visitors to your blog for more information.

8. Speed 

The old eight-second rule–-the time consumers generally wait while a site loads-–has collapsed to the three-second rule. If you’re going past three seconds, de-gunk your home page, simplify your code or upgrade your servers.

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