7 Elements of a Strong Brand

elements of a strong brand

Strong brands across industries have many factors in common. Many of these are what help us recognize strong brands and also provide marketers with a blueprint for where to focus when building a strong brand. These qualities include:

  • Uniqueness: Something about the brand’s presentation or positioning helps set it apart from the competition. Customers are able to articulate what makes the brand different and therefore valuable.
  • Audience knowledge: Great brands are built on strong audience knowledge. They apply this by ensuring that their messaging, quality, and visual presence resonate in a powerful way with the audience that they’re working to reach.
  • Passion: Passion sustains great brands. It’s what enables your team to stay focused through hard times, what your executives convey during speaking and writing engagements, and what fires customers up to become your biggest advocates.
  • Competitiveness: The companies you remember are the ones that innovate and do something worth remembering. Strong brands understand what their core competitive advantage is, and articulate that and deliver on that promise every time.
  • Consistency: Many experts argue that consistency is one of, if not the, most important factor of a brand presence. Across all channels, the best brands present a consistent and united front.
  • Leadership: Strong brands have powerful vision behind them, setting the tone and aligning the efforts of the key players to accomplish the most important goals.
  • Exposure: Awareness is also a critical part of building a strong brand. Having a strong and sustained presence that connects with customers over time reinforces all the other aspects of a brand.

How does your brand measure?

Maybe you have a great brand, but your presentation could use some sprucing. The company’s website, its stationary, etc. If that’s the case, we’d love to help! We enjoy helping companies in the search, creation, and establishment of their identity, and helping them share that identity with the world.

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