5 Warning Signs You Need Better Website Copy

5 Warning Signs You Need Better Website Copy

Do you write your own website copy? Did you originally have a copywriter? There are numerous ways to get content on your website, but is it the best it can be? These are warning signs you might to update or change your website copy:

You ask for money too soon. Give them time to inquire about your company or product, give them time to express genuine interest. Respect your web visitors.

You don’t know your ideal reader. You’re not writing to every single person on planet Earth. Figure out your target audience and write specifically to them.

Your words are too complicated. This is over-indulgence in difficult words or trying to sound better than you are. It comes across quickly. Simplify!

You ignore the impact of design. Once you see it on the page, that’s when you re-work sentence structure and formatting. Design of the page, and of the website, is more important than people sometimes give it credit for. Is your website text presented in a way that is appealing and clear? That is key.

You’ve overloaded the page. A page is a little fuzzy when a visitor doesn’t know what to read first. Your call-to-action needs to stand out and be extremely clear.

We have some pretty fabulous copywriters working with us. Talented individuals who I know would love to help you if you’re like to refresh your website content! We want your website to be the best 24/7 salesman it can be.

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