5 jQuery Plugins You Should Be Using

5 jQuery Plugins You Should Be Using

It’s no secret that we LOVE jQuery here at Powerserve! It’s power, simplicity, and ability to expand its core capabilities with plugins is second to none.

The ability to quickly and¬†efficiently utilize plugins can be a massive time saver, but finding quality plugins that are tried and tested can take a while.¬†To help save you time we’re sharing 5 jQuery plugins that we use on a daily basis. We’ve put these plugins through the ringer, so you can rest assured that these plugins are solid.

jQuery Cycle

jQuery Cycle is one of the best content sliders we’ve used. It can automatically determine what content to cycle through, which can be a huge time saver, or you can specify a selector for it to use if you’re unable to edit the HTML source. It has numerous transitions and advanced options for you to fine tune to your needs. It is our go-to plugin for content sliders.

jQuery Validation

Sometimes you simply can’t perform server-side form validation. For those times, jQuery Validation works perfectly! You can easily validate form fields to make sure they are filled out and meet common criteria, such as an email address containing 1 “@” and at least 1 “.” symbol. There are many validation options built in, so be sure to look at the options before you write anything custom.

jQuery Cookie

Reading and writing cookies to save options and preferences can be a big headache, but luckily the jQuery Cookie plugin is so easy to use. You’ll kick yourself for not using it sooner. Saving, reading, and deleting cookies takes only a few lines and can save visitors to your site from having to redo settings every time they return. Your visitors will appreciate that.


By now everyone knows what Lightbox is, but what happens when you want to display more dynamic content than an image? That’s where Fancybox steps in. Fancybox can display HTML, videos, and images in a manner similar to Lightbox and just as easily. You can customize the options to change animations and completely stylize the look of the plugin using CSS.

jQuery UI

jQueryUI is more than just a plugin, it’s an all out torrent of helpful plugins bundled together to make it as easy as possible for you to add helpful UI elements to your site. Tabs, sliders, date pickers, it’s got them all. There are hundreds of user friendly uses for jQuery UI on almost any website.

What are some jQuery plugins you can’t live without?

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