5 Essential Elements of a Good “About Us” Page

Elements Of A Good About Page  |  Powerserve

About Us pages are fun to read, aren’t they? They are sometimes the first page (after the homepage) that we like to visit. I always like seeing “About Us” pages that look intentional. They may be complete with a clear photo or a fun bio, but nonetheless they are put together well. I’ve been thinking about other elements of a successful “About Us” page:

1. Well-written content about the company – The content describing your business should be in the simplest words possible, not too technical, otherwise the visitor will have no clue, as to what he is reading. Internet users get distracted easily; implement the use of bullets and an eye-catching beginning sentence.

2. Highlight testimonials (optional) – A user is the ultimate target audience for a website, if users like a product or service; they show their affection by sharing comments and giving testimonials. If possible, place some of these testimonials on your “About” page; it will boost the visitor’s confidence and trust with your company/product.

3. Design it well – Website pages that look good at first glance are always given a second look. Implement quality design on this page to catch the user’s attention and make the site a pleasant experience. Big, clear photos and a nice layout of information can really do the trick.

4. Contact info visible – Sometimes this isn’t necessary, because more than likely there is already a “Contact Us” page on the website, but an additional call-to-action never hurts.

5. Social media presence – If they like you enough, they’ll most likely want to know more. Share links to all of your social media sites, enabling the reader to quickly access additional information and personality about your company.

I’m sure your ‘About Us’ page looks great, but if not, try these tips and see if you receive any good return!

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