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Warning to Businesses: No Google+ Profiles, Or Else!

Google+ WarningIs Google+ the greatest thing since sliced bread? That’s actually a pretty strange standard by which to measure innovation these days. But depending on what Internet buzz you’re reading you could certainly come away thinking that Google+ is the greatest thing since… well… Facebook. If that’s what you’re leaning toward then you might also be wondering what’s in it for your businesses. Well the short answer is nothing! In fact it appears that Google is actually sending a warning to businesses: No profiles, or else! Or else what?

To date Google+ has been an invitation-only project solely open to individuals, not businesses. But that hasn’t stopped companies like Ford and Coca-Cola from jumping on board – perhaps for no other reason than to begin doing some recon. But there may be consequences to disregarding Google’s request that businesses refrain from getting in right now.

Some companies who’ve begun experimenting with the commercial use of Google+ have amassed small armies of followers, or “circles of friends” as it were, in the new social medium. But gathering some early intel appears to come with a price – one that these companies aren’t overly concerned about right now. Google has made it clear that none of the data from those rogue business profiles, i.e. business masquerading as humans, will be able to be transferred to the new business pages when they arrive sometime in the third quarter of 2011. Is that a big deal? Eh, maybe. Maybe not.

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Google+ Buttons Impact on SEO and Search Results

Google1ButtonEven though it is impossible to predict whether or not Google’s +1 button will have a positive impact on SEO and search results, Google has dropped a few hints over the past few weeks. Have you noticed Google has placed special emphasis on content that’s being “Tweeted” on Twitter and “Liked” on Facebook? It doesn’t take a psychic to tell whether or not Google’s +1 button will have a major effect on SEO in the near future.

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Goin’ Mobile!

Mobile Devices

“I can stop in any street inviting people that we meet, Goin’ Mobile!”

Written by Pete Townshend of the rock band The Who and released on their 1971 album “Who’s Next?”, the iconic rocker “Goin’ Mobile” told a story of riding around in a car with no particular destination in mind. This was apparently something Townshend enjoyed doing. He of course had no idea how differently the phrase would turn in the 21st Century. Google’s recent purchase of Motorola Mobility has made one thing perfectly clear: the future of the digital world is all about “Goin’ Mobile“. Sales of desktop and laptop computers are lagging while ultra-mobile iPads and Smart Phones are mushrooming, signaling the clear preference that people in today’s highly mobile world want the freedom to take their computing power with them where ever they go.

As a result, one in four people now own Smartphones and online social networks are visited by over three-quarters of the population. Think your customers might be there, too? You better believe they are.

So how can you participate in the Mobile Revolution?

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Why Should Businesses Care About Google+?

Why Should Businesses Care About Google+?

Before the birth of social media, we called certain groups of friends a social clique. For instance, you have your 9 to 5 friends, your religious friends, political friends, entrepreneur friends, clients, family, and then you have those who you prefer to keep at arm’s length.

If you invited all of your friends and acquaintances to a dinner party, to announce details of your private life, certain individuals would take it out of context. That’s why you share certain things with one group of friends and keep it on a hush-hush with others.

When Facebook emerged, it seemed as if all friends and clients were grouped into one category. Everything posted on a wall was put out on display for a free-for-all critique session. For many, having a Facebook account is like a full-time job monitoring every single detail of one’s social life. Many Facebook users have learned that once private information gets out in the open to the wrong people, it can sabotage a good reputation.

Google+ is becoming a popular favorite among business owners because it gives you complete control over who is allowed to be a part of your social circle.

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Content is King


There are many pieces that have to come together when creating a website. From the sitemap to the design to the build out, we handle it all. However, a pretty large piece of the website equation is Content. This is the one thing that clients usually want to take care of themselves and is always a bigger project than they expect.

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Business in the Age of Instant Response

Instant Response

Monday night, 10pm. I was watching something forgettable on TV and listening to the dryer squeal when I realized something… I had visited a local service company’s website and put in a service request to get that squealing dryer repaired. I gave them my email address, my home address, and my cell phone number. And now, here it was two weeks later and I had not gotten any response whatsoever from the service company. Am I going to give them a call and encourage them to come and fix my dryer so they can get some of my money? Not hardly. When it gets fixed, someone else will do it.

Business Fail

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