Weekly 13 Link Roundup: Social Media Edition

13 Link Roundup

We share a lot of links on our Facebook and Twitter pages. So every week we comb through everything we share and post the 13 links that stand out to us. Why 13? Because it’s better than 12!

This week is all about Social Media! Google says they “Screwed Up” in social networking, Twitter gives us an easy follow button, and we learn how to create a killer contest using social media tools.

  1. 46 Million Americans Check Social Media Sites Multiple Times Per Day http://bit.ly/kNbWyE
  2. How to Create a Winning Contest with Social Media http://bit.ly/jRq4XE
  3. The Tweet Effect: How Twitter Affects Rankings http://bit.ly/iqV9Av
  4. Blending Paid Social with Organic Social http://bit.ly/m2XSGA
  5. Will Groupon Really Boost Your Local Business? http://bit.ly/jyLa8d
  6. 26 Tips for Adding Customer Service to Your Social Media Strategy http://bit.ly/lFM0J7
  7. Google Acquires Postrank: A Fork in the Road for the Future of Social Media http://rww.to/ljiTSP
  8. Google’s Schmidt Says He ‘Screwed Up’ in Social Networking http://buswk.co/lavn6c
  9. 5 Reasons To Get In On Facebook Commerce Now http://bit.ly/j04z6f
  10. Twitter Follow Button http://bit.ly/iTKEbJ
  11. How Do People Share Images On Twitter? [STUDY] http://bit.ly/knKI6o
  12. 7 Tips Everyone Should Know About Using Photos As A Twitter Marketing Tool http://bit.ly/mjdU1c
  13. Who Uses Twitter? 13% Of Online Adults, Men More Than Women, Minorities More Than Whites [STUDY] http://bit.ly/iWfTxX
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