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AirStat’s Website Redesign Takes Off!

We did it again. Powerserve is proud to announce the site launch for new client AirStat Private Air Charter, which specializes in private flights to exotic vacation spots, remote hunting locations, or wherever your business might take you.

Captain Perry Barinowski came to Powerserve looking for an upscale, professional website that would attract the ideal clientele for private air charter. Needless to say, our creative team was up for the challenge.

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“On Par” With Downtown Augusta Trend

In case you happened to miss Saturday’s edition of The Augusta Chronicle, our clients Dee and Karen Bruker of Sanford, Bruker, and Banks Insurance are becoming trendsetters. Showing that living and working downtown is becoming en vogue again in an era of urban revitalization, the Brukers take a page out of the history books to show us how it’s done.

Just think about it… Working downtown? Awesome. Living downtown? Amazing. Not having to drive to work? Priceless. No, seriously, it’s priceless because you don’t have to pay nearly $4 a gallon on gas.

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A Design Refresh Can Breathe New Life Into Your Website

Just because your website is feeling dated doesn’t mean you necessarily need to do a full redesign. Sometimes all your site needs is a little refresh work to make it feel current and better communicate with your audience.

Check out the example below to see how we were able to refresh an existing design while retaining the functionality and layout the client liked.

Mouse over to see our changes

If your site needs a design refresh, we’d love to talk with you and see how we can help.


Facebook Changes = Faster, Easier Customizations

Facebook | Social Media | Powerserve

Today marks the day that Facebook drops their FBML application in favor of iframes. What does that mean for you? It means we’re able to make custom Facebook tabs faster and easier!

The old way of making custom tabs and Facebook applications for pages was time and effort intensive. You were required to upload files to Facebook’s servers and test through their systems. You’d also have to re-upload files anytime you made a change.

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Powerserve Makes It Possible for SRP to Update Own Site.

SRP Federal Credit Union | Powerserve

Remember SRP Federal Credit Union’s old jingle, “SRP Federal Credit Union….we make it possible?” It was both catchy and true.

As the largest credit union in the area, SRP has been making the dreams of their members possible for over 50 years. As more of their members and prospects consider internet banking, SRP recognized the need to revamp their website in order to better serve their customers.

Nancy Gage, Marketing Manager for SRP, and her team had several fantastic ideas regarding the website redesign. They wanted the ability to easily update the site to keep up with quarterly marketing materials, as well as to enable visitors to find the needed information quickly. Although SRP knew they wanted to work with a local web development company, they also wanted to ensure it was full service firm that would effectively manage the entire project. Due to their understanding of the primary goals, in addition to website hosting and support, SRP selected Powerserve because they knew we would ‘make it possible’ … on the web!

If your looking to refresh your website, contact us to see how Powerserve can help.

What does your email address look like?

Email | Augusta Web Design

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Is your email address easy to remember? Is it linked to your business website? If it isn’t, why not?

Is your email address easy to remember? It it easy to say over the phone? Is it directly linked to your business’s website?

If it isn’t, why not?

People want to work with professionals. They want to work with people who have attention to detail, so make sure you don’t over look this one.

For Example: If you were working on a website design with John Smith at Powerserve, which of these email addresses would be easier for you to remember? or

Which looks more professional?

If you like your Yahoo email and don’t want to check a second account, you can have your business email forward directly to your Yahoo account. Or to Comast. Or any other email address you want.

This will make sure your clients see a clean, professional, business email address, and they can trust who it’s going to.

If you help setting up your business email, contact Don Harris, our support lead, at or call him at (706) 826-1506 x121.