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Trust is a fragile thing

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Aside from all the cliches and pop-psy slogans, trust is a fragile thing.

Aside from all the cliches and pop-psy slogans, trust is a fragile thing. Once broken it is difficult, if not impossible, to instill it again. Consider the shattered trust in our financial institutions and banks in general, in certain elements of our government, and even in the local mechanic who you discovered routinely does work your car doesn’t really need to run your repair bills up. I had a mechanic like that once. No more.

I would hate to be tasked with marketing for a bank in this environment. What would that look like?

“Bank with us… We haven’t failed yet”
“Your money is as safe with us as it is anywhere else”
“You can’t take it with you; why not give it to us?”

Trust. As I pulled out of the driveway this morning, I saw a boy from down the street walking to school. It was chilly and raining and he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt… and was visibly shaking from the cold. I never offer a ride to kids I don’t know, but I felt sorry for his poor choice of clothing considering the weather and asked if he wanted a ride. He declined, which was not surprising. Since he didn’t know me he didn’t know he could trust me. If you think about the number of kids who disappear every year, not trusting strangers makes sense, even if it means you walk to school shivering in the rain. Not trusting is a good thing. That is sad.

We make sure to keep your best interests in mind when you contract with us. That’s not just marketing or sales talk; It’s a virtue we put real value in. Here at PowerServe, our goal is to build our client relationships while providing the most cost-effective tools and training. We provide our clients with the resources they need to update and enhance their website, build their own email newsletters, and utilize third-party software solutions, thus saving funds. We manage this relationship with the upmost respect; if we fail to satisfy a customer’s needs, we will gladly refund their money.

Just some thoughts on a rainy Friday morning… better get back to work.


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