Monthly Archives: May 2008

Arts Scholarship Winner

At the first Music in the Park Concert, the North Augusta Cultural Arts Council (NACAC) awarded  the inaugural Arts Scholarship to Kristen Dollar.  The $1,000 scholarship was funded by the NACAC and PowerServe (

Kristen is a senior who plans to major in English and Religion at Furman University.  Her application included two very well written submissions plus her own personal essay, giving the following excerpt as insight to Kristine’s talent:

“Writing enables us to understand one another; writing is our collective link. As an emerging writer, I seek to strengthen that link by unleashing the words confined within me, hoping to someday influence someone else as other writers have affected me.”

All Area II school district seniors who attended public school, private school, or home school were eligible.  Applicants also must intend to enroll in an accredited college, university, or other institution of formal education in fall 2008 to pursue continued training in the respective art discipline.  The six panelists, all NACAC board members, thoroughly reviewed all nine applicants before selecting Kristen.

Congratulation Kristen! We hopes this scholarship will strengthen your resolve to explore your writing skills.


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