10 SEO Lessons You Can Learn From Freddy Krueger

10 SEO Lessons You Can Learn From Freddy Krueger

SEO is a complicated and multifaceted project; however, there are some basic SEO lessons that we can learn from an unlikely figure, Freddy Krueger.

1. To Survive, You Must Have A Plan

Without a SEO plan, your actions may lead you away from your goals. Remember, simply moving in a direction doesn’t mean you’re moving in the right direction. Plan your course of action before you begin to ensure the SEO changes you make are leading you to your goals and not away from them.

2. If Your Plan Fails, Make A New Plan

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While you’re performing SEO on your site, there are millions of other businesses doing it on theirs.

Even the best laid SEO plans often go astray. It’s key for you to remember that while you’re performing SEO on your site, there are millions of other businesses doing it on theirs. This daily change in the search landscape can cause your SEO plan to quickly become out of date. To combat this, you can’t assume your original plan is a game winner. You need to reevaluate your results on a regular basis to ensure your SEO is still relevant and working towards your goals.

3. Hiding and Doing Nothing Leaves You Dead In The Water

You can’t expect results by doing nothing. Assuming your site will work out of the box from a SEO perspective is foolish.  Think of SEO as a 200 item checklist. There’s no way you will accidentally complete all 200 items without conscious effort. Performing on-page SEO takes serious time and effort to complete. These days, creating a site and submitting it to Google simply isn’t enough to be found using your keywords anymore.

4. Be Quick, But Be Smart

Making gut decisions on goals and direction can be critical for SEO. Often times decisions must be made before all data analysis and reporting can be completed, and often times you have to just choose a direction and see how it works out. Whether you know all the data or not, think through your SEO plan from top to bottom to ensure everything leads to where you want your website to be.

5. Don’t Look Back Too Soon

When working through your SEO plan, you shouldn’t start comparing your analytics data to your original data too soon. SEO takes time to show results, and if you don’t give it enough time to work its way through the search engines, you may suspend or alter a winning SEO plan before it has time to be effective.

6. The Job is Never ‘Done’

Just like Freddy never truly dies, SEO can never truly be done. Even if you suspend your SEO plan, your competitors will continue in their efforts. So while you may reach your SEO goals, you can’t expect to keep them forever without regular maintenance.

7. Leaders Survive, Followers Die Off

The SEO landscape is constantly changing from day to day. Google regularly reevaluates its search algorithms to weed out websites that are gaming the system and promote websites with relevant, original content. Because of this, businesses who follow the trendy, quick fix SEO schemes, are much more likely to be negatively affected by Google’s algorithm changes. In a nutshell, there’s no silver bullet to SEO. Work hard, write great content, and follow Google’s guidelines. If you simply follow the schemes of others without being a leader in our field, Google will notice and penalize you for it.

8. Don’t Go Out Alone

SEO is a big project. If you’re running a business, it can be a big time burden to add to your already busy schedule. Instead of going at it alone, it’s better to partner with experienced professionals who can take the project off your hands and allow you to focus on your job.Additionally, partnering with professionals allows you to get off on the right foot from the start of the project. You can rely on their experience to guide you through drafting a SEO plan and determining realistic goals and timeframes.

9. Know Your Surroundings

Before you step foot in the SEO arena, it’s best to take a look around and see what you’re going to be dealing with. Blindly jumping into SEO, even with an SEO plan, is foolish. Do your homework first to determine your competition, volume of traffic you’re fighting for, and how hard you’ll need to fight to get hit your goals.

10. You May Have To Use a Variety of Weapons

There is no one weapon that puts you on the top of search results. To hit your goals you may have to use a plethora of tools, analytics, and tactics. Again, SEO is a race, not a sprint. Don’t go into your SEO plan expecting to change only a few settings and you’ll magically top the search results. You may need to tap into HTML coding, DNS changes, reputation management, and social media to reach your goals.

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